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At BakPac we are passionate about providing the best sustainable solutions to meet your packaging needs. We produce flexible packaging products that provide alternative solutions to traditional packaging methods. By design flexible packaging pouches have a much reduced impact on the environment compared to rigid packaging. The planet’s resources are our future and need to be looked after

Packaging is often scrutinsed and used as the measure of a company’s overall sustainability.

To be a sustainable product it needs to be responsibily produced. By using BakPac to digitally print and produce pouches you can:

Cylinder Print Blue

Eliminate the need for plates and cylinders

Use less energy in production


Print only what you need

Optimize inventory

Reduce material waste

Multiple variations

Eco-friendly materials

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From its fossil fuel and water usage, to its carbon impact and product-to-package ratio, flexible packaging’s efficiency is environmentally effective. As a leading voice in the sustainable packaging movement, the Flexible Packaging Association has committed significant resources to support flexible packaging’s sustainability efforts. Through our ongoing research and initiatives, FPA provides a greater understanding of the environmental advantages and benefits of flexible packaging among consumer product companies, retailers and consumers

Flexible Packaging Association

Discover our new MONO range for recyclable pouches

Source reduction examples of benefits to using pouches 

Credit Flexible Packaging Association

In the waste management hierachy, the most preferred options are Source Reduction and Reuse. Reusing the same packaging means, for example, using the same cup for refills in your local coffee shop. Source reduction means that a 5g recyclable flexible packaging is better than 50g rigid plastic container, which is also better than 200g of a glass jar for the same amount of product.

Carbon Footprint

Detergent: Rigid PET container emits over 7 times more greenhouse gases in production than flexible pouch with a zipper

Water Usage

Coffee: A steel can consumes 16 times more water during production than a pouch.

Material to Landfill

Baby food: Glass containers recycled at 30% rate, still means 7 times more material ends up in landfill compared to a pouch with spout fitting.


Cans vs Pouches: When unfilled, 98 pallets of cans = 1 pallet of film for pouches.


Single serve juice beverages: Glass Bottle vs Flexible Drink pouch. For a glass bottle, 35% of its total weight is the packaging. For the pouch, only 3% of its total weight is the packaging.


Cat litter: A rigid pail uses 11 times as much material as flexible stand-up bag and uses 14 times more fossil fuel in manufacturing.

Flexible Packaging

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Stand Up Pouches

As the name suggests, this packaging stands up on the shelf providing high product visibility.

spouted pouches in different sizes. corner spouts for spirits

Spouted Pouches

As the name suggests, this packaging stands up on the shelf providing high product visibility.


A layflat form of flexible packaging heat-sealed on three sides.

Printed Film

Ideal for a wide range of products for customers with their own converting equipment.

Markets we create packaging for

cleaning product refill pouches

home & garden

engine oil refill pouch


frozen fruit packaging


cheese and dairy packaging


BakPac Team

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As part of the Bakers family we have over 45 years of print and packaging experience. As the world of digitally printed flexible packaging evolves we guarantee to you that we will continue to invest in training and innovation programmes for our team. We love to learn and share the latest techniques with our trade customers!

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