Printed Film

Printed film, flow wrap or roll stock would be used for horizontal or vertical form fill and seal, particularly suited to snack bars and crisp packets. 

Print FIlm

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Special features for flow wrap

There are many ways to customise your printed film to make it more specific to how customers will want them to look, feel, open, close and if necessary reuse.

laminate options on pouches

Special Laminate

Choose from gloss, matt, soft touch, leather / linen effect

spot foil icon

spot foil

Enhance your packaging with gold or silver foil for a premium finish

spot varnish icon

Spot Varnish

Apply a gloss or matte varnish to specific areas to create a striking contrast

pouch with window icon

Clear Windows

Show off the contents of the pouch for consumers to see

flow wrap cores icon

core sizes

Different core diameters to suit your flow wrap application

Markets we create packaging for

cleaning product refill pouches

home & garden

engine oil refill pouch


frozen fruit packaging


cheese and dairy packaging


Flexible Packaging

Other products we manufacture.

Stand Up Pouches

As the name suggests, this packaging stands up on the shelf providing high product visibility.

spouted pouches in different sizes. corner spouts for spirits

Spouted Pouches

Ideal for liquid products. Available as either stand-up pouches or sachets


A layflat form of flexible packaging heat-sealed on three sides.


Printed film is available from BakPac in a wide range of base materials. In silver, white and clear to suit the needs of the product plus various laminated finishes that enhance the aesthetics.

Material Barrier Finish Use Good for
PET/ALU/PE Ultra High Silver Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches High alcohol content drinks,
Long shelf life dry tea / coffee
dehydrated food and beverages
METPET/PE High Silver Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches Dry Pet Food
Medium Shelf life dry beverage coffee and tea
Long life snacks crisps and nuts
Personal care products
Meat and fish
PET/PEEVOH High Clear / White Spouted & Non Spouted Pouches Dried fruit and nuts
Personal care products
Powder detergent
Meat and fish
PET/PE Medium / Low Clear Non Spouted Pouches Non degradable foods
Synthetic materials
Garden Products
METOPP High Barrier Silver Flow Wrap / Printed film Long shelf life snacks
Cereal bars
BOPP Low Barrier White Flow Wrap / Printed film Pet treats
Short shelf life dry snacks
Non degradable light weight products
PET/ALU/NYLON/PE   White / Silver Spouted Pouches High alcohol content drinks
High tensile strength, ideal for sharp products
High puncture resistance
Home Compostable High (OTR)
Med (WTR)
White Paper Stand up pouches Long shelf life for a wide range of ambient products
No liquids or gels
High tensile strength ideal for sharp products
Compostable coffee valves and zippers available
Industrially compostable with valves / zippers
Home Compostable High (OTR)
Med (WTR)
White Paper Film / flow wrap Long shelf life for a wide range of ambient products
High tensile strength ideal for sharp objects
Kerbside Recyclable Medium White Paper Stand up pouches / sachet / film / flow wrap Dry and moist foodstuffs (no liquids or gels)
Does not support a zipper
High tensile strength ideal for sharp objects

Digital Advantages

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Reduce Cost

  • Minimum inventory
  • Volume-based on demand
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • Market testing

Reduce Risk

  • Use the most updated version of the package
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Volume-based demand
  • Global colour management
  • Anti-counterfeit components 
  • Print quality regulatory compliance

More value to consumers

  • Deliver localised versions
  • Cause driven promotions
  • Event-driven promotions
  • Late-stage product differentiation
  • Product life cycle solutions


  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Reduce energy consumption

Supply Chain

  • Track & Trace
  • Serialization
  • Revision control
  • Warehouse & distribution
  • Just-in-time production

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