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Custom coffee pouches with valves

Are you looking for a packaging manufacturer for your roasted coffee beans and ground coffee? BakPac custom prints and produces pouches for coffee here in the UK.

With a choice of materials and additions such as valves, reseelable zippers and side gussets, we can produce coffee bags and pouches that ellevate your brand to new heights.

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Can coffee pouches maintain the freshness and aroma of the coffee beans? 

Yes, coffee pouches can effectively maintain the freshness and aroma of the coffee beans. High-quality pouches with one-way degassing valves allow carbon dioxide to escape without letting air in, preventing oxidation and preserving the coffee’s natural aroma and flavor.

Are coffee pouches available in different sizes to accommodate various coffee quantities?

Absolutely! Coffee pouches come in various sizes to accommodate different coffee quantities. Whether you need small sizes for regular use or larger sizes with side gussets, there are options available to suit your product’s quantity requirements.

custom pouch Must-Haves

There are many ways to customise your pouch packaging to make them more specific to how customers will want them to look, feel, open, close and if necessary reuse.

tear notch for pouches

Tear notches

Include this optional feature for easy opening and to ensure a clean, scissor-free opening

coffee valve on pouches


Allows carbon dioxide to escape without letting oxygen and moisture in

resealable zipper on pouches

Resealable Zippers

To help keep your product fresher for longer after opening

laminate options on pouches

Special Laminate

Choose from gloss, matt, soft touch, leather / linen effect

spot varnish icon

Spot Varnish

Apply a gloss or matte varnish to specific areas to create a striking contrast

round corners on pouches

Round Corners

Softens the corners of the pouch and makes it appear smoother and more finished

compostable coffee pouch

Compostable Coffee Pouches

If you are looking for the ultimate eco friendly custom printed coffee pouch, take a look at our option for compostable material along with a resealable zipper and degassing valve that are also compostable.

If you’re filling freshly roasted product such as beans or ground coffee you will need a degassing coffee valve. Instant coffee granules do not need this.

Discover our new MONO range for recyclable pouches

Coffee Packaging FAQs

What materials are best for coffee packaging?

To protect the coffee beans or ground coffee from moisture and to maintain the integrity and freshness of the product, flexible packaging for coffee needs to have good barrier properties. We have a range of films and compostable materials that are capable of doing this. Contact us for more specifics.


Can you supply artwork templates for coffee packaging?

Yes, we can. Please ask and we will get one created for your specified size, with no obligation. Call 01277 281930or email 

Are there any requirements for coffee packaging?

If you’re filling freshly roasted product you will need the coffee valve. Often user instructions and ingredients must be printed. Fully printed pouches provide a much larger printable area compared to labels so there is still plenty room for your branding, images and anything else that creates the wow facture you need to stand out on the shelf

How does your packaging keep products fresh?

Our packaging is made from a variety of films that help to extend the shelf life of your products. With the added ability to reseal, you can preserve your coffee’s freshness, reduce waste, and provide customer convenience.

What special features do you do for coffee packaging?

On a practical level we can add degassing valves, resealable zippers and tear notches. To really make your product look special we can add spot embellishments such as foil and varnish or finish the pouches with a special laminate such as linen effect or soft touch.

What is the lead time for coffee packaging?

Our standard lead time for pouches is 5 -7 working days from approval of artwork. For printed film it’s just 5 working days after approval. If you need some even faster than that we are always willing to help in an emergency. Hgher volume orders and some spouted or valved processes made need a slightly extended lead time.

Do you do an eco-friendly option for coffee packaging?

Yes there are recyclable options. We also do a compostable option (including the degassing valve!) However, even by chosing BakPac to produce your flexible packaging you are being more eco-friendly. Read why here.

Is there anything special about your packaging for coffee?

Our custom printed coffee pouches are excellent quality and you can choose from a range of materials including compostable pouches with valves! Fast turnarounds and low minimum order quantities with multiple versions (SKUs) in one order allow you to only order exactly what you need, with minimum waste.

Can coffee pouches be recycled?

Yes there are recyclable options. We also do a compostable option (including the degassing valve!) Discover our environmental range of pouch material

What are the barrier requirements for coffee products?

Coffee pouch material requires high barrier properties to protect the coffee beans or ground coffee from moisture and to maintain the integrity and freshness of the product. We have a range of films and compostable materials that are capable of doing this. Call us to discuss 01277 281930 or email 

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