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Pouches are versatile and can be used for various types of protein powders

such as whey, soy, or plant-based proteins. They are compatible with different formulations and can accommodate diverse product requirements. At BakPac we can produce pouches with spouts in different sizes, making it convenient for consumers to dispense the powder without creating a mess.

Protein pouch

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protein powder pouches are often a cost-effective packaging solution

They require less material and are lightweight, reducing shipping costs. Additionally, their flexibility and versatility make them an economical choice for packaging protein powders.

Protein powder pouches are user-friendly

At BakPac we can produce them features like resealable zippers or tear notches, allowing consumers to open, close, and store the pouches with ease, maintaining product freshness.

custom pouch Must-Haves

There are many ways to customise your pouch packaging to make them more specific to how customers will want them to look, feel, open, close and if necessary reuse.

tear notch for pouches

Tear notches

Include this optional feature for easy opening and to ensure a clean, scissor-free opening

round corners on pouches

Round Corners

Softens the corners of the pouch and makes it appear smoother and more finished

resealable zipper on pouches

Resealable Zippers

To help keep your product fresher for longer after opening

laminate options on pouches

Special Laminate

Choose from gloss, matt, soft touch, leather / linen effect

hang hole on pouches

hang hole

Allows a stand up pouch to easily become a hanging pouch

pouch with window icon

Clear Windows

Show off the contents of the pouch for consumers to see

pouch top spout icon


Can be positioned in the centre or on either top corner. Choice of sizes and colours

pouch handle icon


For heavier products or pouches with liquid contents to assist with an easier pour

spot varnish icon

Spot Varnish

Apply a gloss or matte varnish to specific areas to create a striking contrast

wey protein powder in a pouch

protein powder pouches come in various sizes to accommodate different serving options.

From single-serve pouches for on-the-go consumption to larger sizes for regular use, you can choose the one that suits your product’s serving needs. Many protein powder pouches are designed with eco-friendly materials, such as recyclable or biodegradable options. Choosing sustainable pouches can help reduce environmental impact and align your brand with eco-conscious consumers.

Discover our environmental range of materials

Discover our new MONO range for recyclable pouches

Protein Powder Packaging FAQs

What materials are best for protein powder packaging?

You’re going to want something STRONG, especially for the heavier volumes of products such as protein powders. They need to have good protection against moisture and oxygen. Metallic materials are also perfect for creating foil effects


Can you supply artwork templates for protein powder packaging?

Yes, we can. Please ask and we will get one created for your specified size.

Are there any requirements for health & beauty product packaging?
How does your packaging keep products fresh?

High-quality pouches provide excellent barrier properties, protecting the powder from moisture, light, and air, thus extending its shelf life.

Features like resealable zippers or spouts, allow consumers to open, close, and store the pouches with ease, maintaining product freshness.

What special features do you do for protein powder packaging?

To really make your prodct look special we can add spot embellishments such as foil and varnish. Clear windows, spouts and resealable zippers are also options.

What is the lead time for sport supplement pouches?

Our standard lead time for pouches is 5 -7 working days from approval of artwork. For printed film it’s just 5 working days after approval. If you need some even faster than that we are always willing to help in an emergency. Hgher volume orders and some spouted process made need a slightly extended lead time.

Do you do an eco-friendly options for protein powder packaging?

Yes, we can produce pouches and rollstock on a range of sustainable materials. Learn more about the sustainability of digitally printed pouches and film here

Is there anything special about your packaging for protein powder?

At BakPac we can make pouches and sachets with special finishes such as spot varnish and foil to really get your brand to stand out. Special laminates such as linen, leather and soft touch are also options for a tactile effect.

Can protein powder pouches be recycled?

Yes there are recyclable options as well as compostable. Compostable is suitable up to a pack weight of 1kg. Discover our environmental range of materials

What are the barrier requirements for protein powder products?

A medium barrier film is required. Call us to discuss the options we offer 01277 281930 or email

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