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At BakPac we have invested in the most advanced print and conversion equipment possible for the production of short to medium run digitally printed flexible packaging. Digitally printed, thermally laminated and pouch converted on industry leading equipment.

HP Indigo 200K
Tech Specs

Printing Speed

56m/min in EPM; 42m/min in 4-color mode; 33m/min in 5-colour mode

Image Size

746 x 1120 mm

Substrate Thickness

10 to 400 microns

Web Width

Max 762mm | Min 400mm

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Printing on HP Indigo 200K

The HP Indigo 200K was installed in January 2024 replacing the original Indigo 20000 installed in 2019.

Stepping into the heart of BakPac’s operations, the 200K boasts a 30% increase in printing speed and a staggering 45% boost in expected productivity. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about pushing boundaries in packaging manufacturing, with quicker turnarounds, unparalleled efficiency, and the ability to handle diverse printing requirements with ease.


• Efficient energy consumption and improved corona treatment for a cleaner, greener footprint.
• A new writing head laser system propelling print speeds to new heights.
• Bid Motors revolutionising colour uniformity, consistency, reliability, and lifespan.
• The Ink delivery system with 5 dual revolver stations supporting 100% coverage and non-stop printing


Laminating on an Enprom Thermal Laminator

The Enprom Thermolaminating machine has been specially designed for flexible packaging markets, pouches and adding value to the quality finishing of the products.

The compact solution is composed of two stages joined with a web path bridge. The first unit supports two unwinders with its control tension units and corona treatment. The second unit contains the rewinder and laminator unit. The machine is rigidly joined by four union beams. The new development of this solution has been designed with the goal of shortening the web path to a maximum and thus reducing waste by up to 33%.

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Enprom Thermal Laminating
Tech Specs

Material Width 300-800mm

Max Speed 150m/min

Hot Drum Laminator Temp Range 70-170C

Shorter web path for reduced waste

Food Safe

Galaxy Pouch maker
Tech Specs

Machine Model GS-24 Plus 200QS
The Machine is suitable for making the following pouches:
➢ Three Side Seal Pouch
➢ Three Side Seal Pouch with Zipper
➢ Stand – Up Pouch
➢ Stand – Up Pouch with Zipper
➢ Both Side Gusset Pouch

Galaxy Packtech Pouch maker

Pouch converting on a Galaxy Packtech Pvt Ltd Pouchmaker

Our Galaxy Packtech pouch maker was installed into our pouch factory in September 2023, bringing a new level our pouch conversion capabilities.

The mechanical strength has brought improved strength to heat seals, higher conversion speeds and leaner set ups. Optomised for mono-materials, the Galaxy pouch maker handles thicker material constructions beautifully.

Digital Advantages

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Reduce Cost

  • Minimum inventory
  • Volume-based on demand
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • Market testing

Reduce Risk

  • Market testing
  • Use the most updated version of the package
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Volume-based demand
  • Global colour management
  • Anti-counterfeit components 
  • Print quality Regulatory compliance

More value to consumers

  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Deliver localized versions
  • Cause driven promotions
  • Event-driven promotions
  • Late-stage product differentiation
  • Product life cycle solutions


  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce obsolescence
  • No hazardous chemicals
  • Reduce energy consumption

Supply Chain

  • Track & Trace
  • Serialization
  • Revision control
  • Warehouse & distribution
  • Just-in-time production

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Stand Up Pouches

As the name suggests, this packaging stands up on the shelf providing high product visibility.

Pillow Pouches/Sachets

A layflat form of flexible packaging heat-sealed on three sides.

Printed Film/Flow Wrap

Ideal for a wide range of products for customers with their own converting equipment.

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