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The benefits of pouch packaging for beauty products and cosmetics.

Pouch packaging for beauty products and cosmetics offers several benefits, including convenience, product protection, and branding opportunities. Pouches are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel or on-the-go use. They also provide excellent barrier properties, protecting the products from contamination, moisture, and light. BakPac pouches offer customisable branding options, allowing you to showcase your brand’s identity and attract customers.

Bath Salts Pouch

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Pouches are versatile and can accommodate various product consistencies.

Whether you have liquid foundations, serums, salt granules or solid creams, there are pouch options available that can effectively package and protect your products. Pouches can be designed with resealable features such as zippers or spouts. These features allow consumers to easily open and close the pouches, maintaining the longevity and freshness of the products.

pouches for health and beauty products are often a cost-effective packaging solution

They require less material compared to traditional packaging options, resulting in cost savings. Additionally, their lightweight nature can reduce shipping costs, making them an economical choice for packaging beauty products and cosmetics.

custom pouch Must-Haves

There are many ways to customise your pouch packaging to make them more specific to how customers will want them to look, feel, open, close and if necessary reuse.

laminate options on pouches

Special Laminate

Choose from gloss, matt, soft touch, leather / linen effect

hang hole on pouches

hang hole

Allows a stand up pouch to easily become a hanging pouch

pouch with window icon

Clear Windows

Show off the contents of the pouch for consumers to see

tear notch for pouches

Tear notches

Include this optional feature for easy opening and to ensure a clean, scissor-free opening

round corners on pouches

Round Corners

Softens the corners of the pouch and makes it appear smoother and more finished

resealable zipper on pouches

Resealable Zippers

To help keep your product fresher for longer after opening

pouch top spout icon


Can be positioned in the centre or on either top corner. Choice of sizes and colours

spot foil icon

spot foil

Enhance your packaging with gold or silver foil for a premium finish

spot varnish icon

Spot Varnish

Apply a gloss or matte varnish to specific areas to create a striking contrast

Lady with face mask

Lay flat and stand up pouches can be used for a variety of different products including gels, creams, oils, bath salts and serums. Pouches provide a hygienic way of keeping products sealed and fresh with the use of flexible packaging becoming increasing popular within in the industry.

Many beauty product and cosmetic pouches can be manufactured using eco-friendly materials. Opting for pouches made from recyclable or biodegradable materials helps reduce environmental impact and aligns your brand with sustainability.

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Health and Beauty Packaging FAQs

What types of packaging are best for health & beauty products?

Spouted pouches are proving to be very popular for refills for products such as shampoos, hand soap and lotions. Both stand up and layflat pouches are great for a range of other beauty products such as face masks, bath salts and scrubs.


Can you supply artwork templates for health & beauty packaging?

Yes, we can. Please ask and we will get one created for your specified size. Call us on 01277281930 or email sales@bakpac.co.uk 

Are there any requirements for health & beauty product packaging?

Health and beauty products usually contain a lot of ingredients and require application or storage instructions. A fully custom printed pouch provides a much larger printable area than a standard label applied to rigid packaging does, without taking away from packaging design and branding.

What special features do you do for health & beauty packaging?

Spouts, resealable zippers, soft touch laminates, spot varnish and foil, easy open tear notches and clear windows. We can make your health and beauty packaging as special as you!

What is the lead time for health & beauty packaging?

Our standard lead time for pouches is 5 -7 working days from approval of artwork. For printed film it’s just 5 working days after approval. If you need some even faster than that we are always willing to help in an emergency. Hgher volume orders and some spouted process made need a slightly extended lead time.

Do you do an eco-friendly option for health & beauty packaging?

Yes, we can produce pouches and rollstock on a range of sustainable materials. Discover our environmental range of materials.

Can health & beauty pouches be recycled?

Without spouts yes but with spouts there are specialist recycling companies that can recycle our pouches. Please contact us for more information. Call us on 01277 281930 or email sales@bakpac.co.uk 

What are the barrier requirements for health & beauty products?

Low barrier requirements. Contact us to discuss your exact barrier needs on 01277 281930 or email sales@bakpac.co.uk 

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