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Eco-friendly Pouch Materials from BakPac

We already offer customers some of the best options for sustainable flexible packaging.

  • We print digitally so no plates, and the option to produce multiple versions in one job.
  • We thermally laminate so no messy chemicals.
  • We have low MOQs, supplying short to medium runs so less waste in the first place!

By design, digitally printed pouches are a more sustainable option than conventionally produced pouches or rigid packaging.

The reduction in raw materials required, lower energy used in production and minimal waste created, provide the best sustainable option for customers looking for more environmentally friendly packaging.

For many customers though, the demand is to go a step further. So if you also want these short to medium runs of digitally printed pouches produced with fully recyclable or compostable materials, we can do that too!  Having learned a lot during the production of our first 100% compostable pouch job last year, our confidence is high.

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Kerbside Recyclable Pouches


What does kerbside recyclable mean?

Pouches produced with this material will be classified as recyclable under OPRL guidelines.

This means you can use the include the recycle logo in your artwork design to be easily seen by consumers.

How do I recycle it?

Easily! It is recycled in your paper recycling bin at home.

What is it made of?

Paper and a small amount of PE. The PE doesn’t affect the recyclability status.

What does it look like?

White matt, paper face finish.

What are the suggested uses?

No liquids or gels.

Shelf life will vary between products.

Good news – the material is suitable for accelerated shelf-life tests.


Please note: A zipper cannot be used on this material.

recyclable paper pouch
recyclable pouch

Do you want recyclable pouches?

Get in touch with our team if you are looking for short to medium runs of recyclable pouches.

Compostable Pouches


What does compostable mean?

This material home composts over 26 weeks at an ambient temperature.

It is TUV Austria certified and complies with European standard EN13432.

The zipper is industrially compostable. It will compost in your home compost bin but takes a little longer than 26 weeks.

How do I compost it?

The pouch simply goes it into your food waste bin.

The zip can too but it will take longer than 26 weeks to compost.

What is it made of?

Paper, Metallized Cellulose and Bio Polymer.

What does it look like?

White matt, paper face finish with metallised interior.

What are the suggested uses?

Pouches or printed film

It has a long shelf life for a wide range of products…just no liquids or gels!

It can have a compostable zipper and/or a compostable coffee valve.

compostable pouch
compostable pouch

Do you want compostable pouches?

Get in touch with our team if you are looking for short to medium runs of compostable pouches.

Recyclable PE/PE Pouches


What does recyclable PE/PE mean?

Classified as widely recyclable at your local large storefront

How do I recycle it?

Little trip to your local large storefront (Tesco, Waitrose etc), they’ll do the rest.

What is it made of?

PE/PE EVOH (EVOH strengthens the barrier properties)

What does it look like?

A clear material with a matt or gloss finish. You can have a window if your product wants to be in the visible and in the spotlight.

What are the suggested uses?

Excellent barrier properties – Water vapour, grease, odour… it can handle it!

Suitable for liquids, frozen food, dry food.

Please note: A spout cannot be used on this material.

recyclable pe vitamin pouch
recyclable pe pouch

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