HP Smartstream Mosaic for Pouches

Embracing the Digital Difference


A huge advantage of digital printing on pouches or labels is that multiple SKUs can be produced in one job. No tooling is required, reducing time, waste and costs. In addition the print quality of the HP Indigo 20000 we use in BakPac is incredible. For us these are standard digital advantages that our customers benefit from.


What if you then wanted to take it a little bit further and include almost unlimited variations within each SKU?


How about pushing the creatives a little further and making your product more engaging, more interesting and in return more valuable? You obviously want your branding to remain consistent but you’d like to really embrace the digital differences available. With HP Smartstream HP Mosaic technology we can give you the option of having 1000s of unique versions of the same design. A subtle but incredibly effective design technique.

HP Smartstream Designer HP Mosaic was used to create 1000s of variations of these stand up pouches. Printed on our HP Indigo 20k press and converted to pouches within our BakPac flexible packaging facility.

Branding remains consistent for 3 flavours of chocolate. 1 job, 3 SKUs, 1000s of variations.

Show and Tell

If you want to see the finished product we can send you samples of pouches and labels that we have produced using HP Smartstream Designer Mosaic and Collage. We can also send you a guide on how we need to receive your artwork for us to be able to do this for your orders. HP have been very helpful in creating a short tutorial for designers using Adobe Illustrator that you can watch here.

Embrace the digital difference and push your design teams to use the technology out there to really develop your product packaging.

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