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Digital print is perfect for the cannabidiol and hemp market.

Are you looking for custom printed packaging for CBD or hemp products?

We can help. At BakPac we can work with you to create and produce the perfect stand up pouches and pillow pouches. With very low minimum order quantities and quick turnarounds of 10 to 14 days (or even faster if you really need them in a hurry), we can help you get products to market fast.

Produce multiple flavours and designs in short runs with personalisation, serial numbering and variable QR codes


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Digitally printed flexible packaging can provide several advantages for products in the CBD market, including:

Digitally printed flexible packaging allows for full-colour, high-resolution printing that can be customised to feature specific branding and designs. This is especially important in the CBD market, where differentiation and brand recognition are crucial for standing out among a growing number of competitors.

Digital printing technology is a more cost-effective printing solution than traditional printing methods such as flexography, gravure, or lithography. The cost of printing plates and set-up is much lower, which makes it a more cost-effective solution for shorter runs, customised packaging, or frequent design changes.

Digitally printed flexible packaging can accommodate various types of packaging materials, including plastics, paper, and laminates. This flexibility allows for a range of packaging options, such as pouches, sachets, and bags, which can be tailored to the product’s specific needs and desired shelf appeal.

Digital printing technology offers high-quality printing results with sharp, vibrant, and consistent colors. This is essential for products in the CBD market, as they often rely on packaging to convey the quality of the product inside.

Digitally printed flexible packaging can be produced using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as recyclable and biodegradable films, which aligns with the values of many consumers in the CBD market who are concerned with sustainability and environmental impact.

Overall, digitally printed flexible packaging offers several advantages for products in the CBD market, including customisation, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, quality, and sustainability. By utilising this technology, brands can create unique packaging that captures the attention of consumers and conveys the quality of their products.

Market Trends and UK Sales

With some scientific studies suggesting that it may lessen the symptoms of illnesses like chronic pain and anxiety, CBD oil is continuing to gain popularity in the health and wellness industry. CBD products are not hallucinogenic.

Instead, what was once taboo is now considered an empowering mainstream health support with CBD providing zero potential to be abused or cause dependence.

Estimated UK sales of CBD and hemp products in 2021 were £690m. It’s a growing market with the FSA (Food Standards Agency) reguations pushing some businesses towards CBD infused anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and e-liquid products.

blurred image of vitamins on supermarket shelves

Market Trends for Cannabidiol and Hemp Products

  • Rising online sales of CBD
  • Rising demand for natural products
  • Rising demand for ingestible products
  • More is spent on cannabis extracts than Vitamin B and C combined
  • CBD products are nowstocked alongside vitamin supplements in major supermarkets
Happy millennial

Increasing Millennial Population

  • Millennials are approximately twice as likely as adults in general to have tried foods and beverages that contain CBD.
  • The advantages of CBD for mental wellbeing, which include alleviating symptoms of depression, lowering anxiety, and improving sleep, are particularly attractive to millennials, the generation credited for normalising the conversation about mental health.

More than 8 million Britons are now buying CBD products making it a market that is impossible to ignore.

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CBD and Hemp Products Suitable for Pouches

With a range of materials in white, silver and clear with excellent barrier properties, pouches are a perfect option for packaging cannabidiol products.


Capsules with cannabis leaves


The legalisation of medicinal cannabis is anticipated to have a positive impact on the demand for cannabidiol in the pharmaceutical sector.

CBD Gummies

Chewables / Edibles

Edibles such as gummies, candies and chocolate are some of the products that are in high demand.

Loose leaf tea

Loose Leaf Tea

CBD tea has a variety of potential health benefits. Many studies on the benefits of CBD are now underway, with the majority of them yielding favourable results.

Bath salts

Bathing Salts

Conventionally, cannabidiol has been studied for its pain-relieving, relaxing, and anti-anxiety properties

Lady with face mask


There is a growing application of CBD in the skincare industry as awareness grows with respect to the benefits of CBD infused personal care products.

CBD or Hemp cream and small bottle

Creams and Balms

Recent studies have shown that it has therapeutic benefits when applied to the skin. Topical solutions such as salves and lotions are in high demand.

Digital Print Advantages for Pouch Production

No matter the market you need flexible packaging for, the digital print advantages remain the same.

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Low MOQs

Order volume based on demand. With low minimum order quantities you only order what you need.

inventory icon

Minimise Inventory

Minimum inventory reduces waste of outdated packaging in a fast changing market

Multiple variations

Multiple SKUs

Multiple variations or designs in one order. As long as they are the same size and the same material of course.

Barcode icon


Add personalisation to every pouch or serial numbering for security and tracking.

Reduced Waste

Reduced waste due to minimum set up requirements and reduced energy in production.

Fast turnaround icon

Fast Turnarounds

Get products to market faster so they start making money sooner. UK production reduces shipping time too.

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Sustainable Packaging

By design, digitally printed packaging is a more environmentally friendly product than conventionally printed packaging.

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